Meet your Association Board

We’re volunteers that work hard for you and we love doing it. But we’re residents, too, and enjoy walking in our free time. When you encounter us in the community, please honor our personal time and conduct your HOA business by email. THANKS!


Gary Bell

I feel Blessed to enjoy living here and being an active member of the Somerset family.  When my wife, Lynn, and I moved here in May 2021, we felt like we had moved into our dream home and neighborhood.  We still feel that way today and it’s why I feel it’s such an honor and privilege to serve on our SLOA Board and keep our community an amazing place to live.  First as your Vice President and now as your President.

Let’s all have a Blessed day…each and every day.

Vice President

Joe Sasso

My wife Sandra and I have been residents of Somerset Lake since January 2020. In fact, we may have moved here sooner had there been any homes on the market when we relocated from Cullman in 2010. We’ve admired this community since its inception and we are enjoying the seclusion and “isolation” along with the ready access to the greenway.

I have prior experience on an HOA board having served as Treasurer for several years for a subdivision on Smith Lake.  I’m retired now, but the last decade of my career was as a consultant and project manager in the oil and gas industry. 

As a member of our community’s HOA board, my hope is that my contributions will preserve the quality and beauty of Somerset Lake for us all.


Robin Goldsmith

A Huntsville native, I have lived in Somerset since August 2019.  I served 10 years as US Marine Corps cryptologist, then 27 more years with the National Security Agency. I was once fluent in Korean, teaching written, aural, and speaking in Monterey, Ca, early in my career.  Teaching, becoming a commissioned Marine officer, serving twice in Afghanistan, and taking great professional care of probably 2000 dedicated patriots were my career highlights.  I taught yoga for 7 years following retirement.

I love being home in Huntsville again with family, and I enjoy friends, my 3 sweet pets, church, gardening, sewing, bonsai tree cultivation, art, exercise and shooting pool.


Kim Hensley

As Board treasurer I’m responsible for the association’s funds, securities and financial records by overseeing billing, collections and disbursements, and coordinating the development of the association’s proposed annual operating budget and reserve allocations.  In addition, I monitor the budget and report on the association’s financial status throughout the year, as well as oversee year-end reporting. In concert with Hughes Property Management, I ensure that all association funds are collected, disbursed, invested and reported accurately and remain in compliance with the association’s by-laws and governing documents.  A big shout out to Mary of Hughes Properties who does a great job of taking care of us.

My wife Monica (Isper) is a native of Brazil, as well as being Arabic.  She speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and English and loves to cook and entertain.

Board Member at Large

Jared Maples

Bio coming…

The Member at Large is a position used to train members for service on the Board. The Member at Large becomes aware of the business and financial methods of the HOA and can serve as a substitute for any member’s position if needed. They lead special projects and lend their expertise to other Board members as needed and vote on any issues brought before the HOA.