HOA Dues

Payments, Late Fees & Collections

Somerset HOA dues are currently $350 per quarter.
The due dates for each quarter are always the same,
please mark your calendar:
January 31
April 30
July 31
October 31

(see details below)

Somerset Lake is managed by Hughes Properties Inc and a portion of your dues goes to them to provide these services. Dues are also allocated for grounds maintenance and HOA Board Administration. Do you have a questions about your HOA dues? Have a concern about the Covenants? Contact…

Mary Lonon, Hughes HOA Administrator
Email Mary
256-430-3088 (phone) | 256-430-3409 (fax)
Hughes Properties Website

Payment Options

Dues can be paid quarterly, annually or bi-annually. You may pay by credit card online or mail a check to: Hughes Properties, 4910 Corporate Drive, Ste C, Huntsville, AL 35805

Late Dues Policy & Collections

After closing on the purchase of a home in Somerset, the “seller” is refunded any dues that were over paid and the “buyer” pays the HOA dues until the end of that quarter at closing.

At that time, the closing attorney notifies Hughes Properties and provides contact info so Mary Lonon, HOA Administrator at Hughes, can send a “welcome package” to the new resident. That package includes the covenants and the due dates for HOA dues.

Invoices are sent quarterly by Mary Lonon as a courtesy since all residents were made aware of the amount and due dates of HOA fees at closing. The dates are listed above and do not change. A portion of your HOA dues are used to pay for mailing costs and administrative time used to send these ‘courtesy’ invoices.

Those who make timely dues payments help to keep HOA fees down and keep our budget balanced so HOA bills can be paid on time. Most residents pay on time (thank you!) but there are a select few residents that are chronically late. In the past, an inordinate amount of effort has been volunteered by the President of the Board (who is not paid) to assist Mary Lonon (who is paid) to collect the dues.

HOA volunteer time will no longer be spent collecting past-due HOA fees. Instead, Hughes Properties will take full responsibility for all collections and the cost of those collections will be passed on to the residents who are in arrears as stated in the covenants. [Reference Section 3. Creation of Lien and Person Obligations for Assessments and Section 7. Effect of Nonpayment of Assessments]

Residents will be charged late fees to compensate for any additional administrative time, certified mailings, attorney fees, etc., that are incurred by collection efforts.  

The Collection Process & Fees
  1. First Notice: Hughes Properties will continue to send invoices by mail.
  2. Second Notice: The President will send an email reminder to the community on the 20th of the month in which fees are due.
  3. Third Notice: At about 15 days late, Hughes Properties will send the third and final reminder before late fees are assessed.

Please consider that the mail is much slower than it has been in the past – be sure to allow ample time for delivery and MAIL YOUR DUES PAYMENTS PROMPTLY!

  • A late fee of $50 will be charged when payments are 30 days past due (total $400)
  • A late fee of $100 will be charged when payments are 45 days past due (total $450)
  • A late fee of $200 will be charged when payments are more than six months late which means that a second quarterly HOA dues are now due.
    • The invoice for the resident who has not paid for the previous quarter will state that $450 is past due and that $350 for the current quarter is due (total $800). If payment of $800 for the two quarters is not received on time, an additional $200 in late fees will be assessed (total $1000) for two consecutive late quarterly fees. 
    • If payment of $1000 is not received on time, the matter will be turned over to the HOA attorney for collection. All attorney’s fees and costs of collection will be paid by the resident, as per our Covenants. 

Paying HOA fees on time is the responsibility of each resident. Somerset is a covenanted community, the covenants are the rule of law and are legally binding. 

Please help Somerset keep our HOA fees to a minimum and our budget balanced by making HOA payments promptly. Thank you!